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 ACMAD/RCC organazes training on data services, climate monitoring, long range, and climate projections.

Activities Products
Provision of methodologies, tols and products specification including guidance on their use Quality control procedures guidance on computation and use of climate indices, guidance on data rescue and management guidance methodology, procedures, tools on climate monitoring and long range forecasting
Training on development, interpretation and use of RCC products Workshops, seminars on training, training lectures, e-larning on data rescue and management, climate prediction, interpretation and use of model outputs, climate monitoring, long range forecasting
Conferences on African climate with sessions RCC functions
Surveys and analysis reports, proposals for better products and training activities
Mediterranean climate outlook forum Training on seasonal objective forecast
Climate tools Climate forecasting videos
Seasonal forecast expained Seasonal Forcasting explained
Seasonal forecast generation/production Seasonal forecast generation/production
Interpretation of seasonal climate forecast outputs Interpretation of seasonal climate forecast outputs
Forecasts delivery and services Forecasts delivery and services